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          Ofsted – we are a Good school

          Monday 9th December 2019

          Dear Parents and carers

          I am delighted to confirm the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection which took place on the 13th and 14th November 2019.

          We are thrilled to report that Ofsted has judged that Rockwood continues to be a “Good” school. This is particularly encouraging, considering where the school was back in 2014. The report makes special mention of the good work we are doing in all aspects of educating your children, not just academically but also with regards their wider personal development.

          We pride ourselves in delivering a CORE education where students are at the heart of everything we do. The inspection was carried out under a new, much tougher inspection framework, and to secure a second “Good” judgement is testament to the dedication, hard work and professionalism of all the staff, the determination of our amazing students and the collaborative partnership offered by you as parents and carers.

          There are numerous highlights in the report, including:

          • “Rockwood is an exciting place to learn, grow and achieve.”
          • “Pupils are genuine ambassadors for their school. They believe that it is a privilege to attend their school.”
          • “Pupils are optimistic about their futures. School helps them on the journey to realising their potential.”
          • “There is a strong focus on making sure pupils are well prepared for life in a diverse society”
          • “Teachers use their strong subject knowledge to explain tricky concepts to pupils.”

          As a school community we are very proud of our excellent school and it goes without saying that we will continue to ensure that Rockwood is a place where students come first.

          The report is available to download from our website and paper copies are available from the Rockwood reception.

          Thank you for your ongoing support to the academy, and on behalf of everyone at Rockwood and CORE Education, I’d like to wish you an enjoyable break over the holidays when they begin.

          Yours sincerely

          Sofia Darr


          09/12/2019 Ofsted Report

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