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          Stay safe, practise social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

          Learn from home & stay connected:

          Please follow government advice in terms of isolating any household where symptoms of a new persistent cough, or high temperature are present in any member of the household.

          澳门美高梅手机版官网app下载 is following all nationally recommended advice to protect children and staff.
          We will keep parents and carers informed via text and letter about any further actions. We would recommend you look at the following sources of information to keep yourself informed of the latest developments and advice:
          The NHS website:  www.nhs.uk/coronavirus
          The Government website for:



          Education should be challenging, it should be rewarding, but above all, it has the power to be life-changing. The prospect of making that happen for the students of 澳门美高梅手机版官网app下载 genuinely drives us, and we are absolutely determined that no child will be left behind. 澳门美高梅手机版官网app下载 is a mixed, 11-16 state school.




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          What they say about Rockwood

          “My experience at Rockwood has been outstanding. The teachers are always there to help you and they never stop teaching and helping you. They are truly kind and helpful. My favourite places in the school apart from the classrooms are the library and the canteen.”
          Aman Khan Year 7 Student Student
          “My experience at Rockwood has been absolutely mind blowing because the school’s teachers are so kind and very helpful. If you don’t understand they help you a lot. They also offer activities that other schools don’t do. The students are very kind and never naughty. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect school to you? My favourite place in the school is the library. I just sit down there, read a book and relax.”
          Usama Khan Year 7 student Student
          澳门美高梅手机版官网app下载 is a good school with excellent teaching and has a good environment where children feel safe. The community has a good feeling about the new leadership and they are heading in the right direction.
          Mr S Ul-Hassan Parent


          Naseby Road
          Alum Rock
          B8 3HG

          Tel 0121 566 6500
          Fax 0121 566 6502
          Email enquiry@rockwood-academy.co.uk

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